Income justice for the 99% can reverse the economic crisis

Thanks to editor and coauthor, Katrina Stone, for her valuable contributions.

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America, it seems, has an oversized concern for the top 1% of income earners. In fact, Congress downright adores the 1% and their corporations with subsidies and tax breaks, and every type of favoritism. This outsized love of the wealthy has caused a systemic crisis of extreme unfairness and destruction of the American Dream for much of the other 99%. Where is the empathy for the rest of us?!

Tax rates for the past 40+ years, and especially the 2017 tax cuts and Covid-19 profits have increased the wealth…

Awakening and self-comfort make loneliness bearable

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It's a quiet Saturday morning with early morning sun lighting up my front window. I should be relishing all the things I could do on a blue-sky late spring day, but all I can do is sit and stare. That lost, alone, languishing feeling is back… again… with the usual nausea and the feeling of being near tears. In fact, the tears fill my lower eyelids but no actual tears flow. I feel choked with anguish but unable to express it outwardly.

Am I depressed? No, not really. I have mostly good days, and life has precious moments. I enjoy…

Best line of this outstanding article, Katye! That is exactly the problem with our economic system. It exists to reward only those at the very top, not to create a vibrant flourishing society in which everyone reaches their full human potential. People must be made to feel like shirkers, not workers, so they can be shamed and manipulated into slaving away at horrible jobs that only benefit those who own the enterprise.

Thank you for putting me at #3. I'm kind of astonished to tell you the truth!! :-)

Excellent piece, Jeremy! Helpful description of cognitive distortions and how capitalism and cultural biases play into them. It would have been nice to have a few simple tips about how to overcome the distortions. Could that be your next piece--a followup article? Love to hear your advice.

Kindred souls on a journey together

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Watching quietly at river's edge
gazing serenely and silently at the flow,
I notice the gentle motion as
a black butterfly, hints of orange
splashed on its wings,
wanders and wavers and alights
on the bud of a willow sapling.
Just as it settles in,
a green and ruby hummingbird
lands on the same branch.
The two sit quietly for a while,
delighting in the company
of their fellow traveling soul
in the perfect peace of the tree.
And then as if called by the breeze,
set off together again,
apparently on the same journey,
an unlikely pair — like you and I.

Great article, Sheryll! Throwing "why" at a person can be an attack that strikes right at the core of their being. It's very damaging. Compassion and trying understand why from their perspective and life experiences is a much better way to satisfy our need to understand.

Chuck Petch

MBA, BA English | Prose | Poetry | Spirituality | Progressive Politics | Nature | Personal Growth | he/him

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